Data the way you need it
because it's a jungle out there...

Clean data: The purpose

If it helps you clean up data we're on it. We use charting, open source tools, web scraping, third party services & big data tech with the sole purpose to clean data.

Beyond spreadsheets

We offer a feature rich Interactive Data Transformation (IDT) tool. A go-to solution when spreadsheets fall short in the face of more demanding data clean up tasks.

Hard tasks, made easy

Detect duplicates and validate ranges in seconds. No need to deal with functions, macros or anything else, get results in a few clicks, guided by our video tutorials.

A plan for everyone

We've got you covered from an individual plan to a group collaboration plan. Plus all your project data is compatible with open standards, so no vendor lock-in.

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  • 24/7 instant access, files up to 100 MB


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  • 24/7 instant access, files up to 1 GB


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  • 5 Personal accounts with file sharing


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